The Blue Star Moms of Marin‘s members, associates and community volunteers foster our mission of supporting the troops, their families and our veterans.  Our support takes many forms and we depend on the generosity of our community to assist us in fulfilling our mission.

Care Packages, and more, for our troops: We feel strongly that a care package from home is one of the tangible and immediate ways that we can show our gratitude and appreciation to military men and women serving far from home. Our packages are full of food, toiletry items, cards and letters from home, and cooling scarves or warm knit items.  There are many ways that you can help us to fill these boxes; participating in our collection drives, making a donation, making cooling scarves or knit scarves/helmet liners (patterns are located on the "Help Us" page) or helping out with packing and mailing. Care packages are a great morale boost to the spirits of those from from family and home. We also greet returning troops with banners and flags to welcome them home.  And through our outreach events, we bring the public’s attention to our military and how they can support them.  We will be here for them as long as they are there.     

                      Packages arrive to those far from home
Support for our families: Through our monthly meetings, we provide a support network for each other, sharing our experiences, our concerns and our pride in our military children.  Since 1917, the Blue Star Service flag has been displayed with honor for the service member as well as the family that proudly displays it.  Each blue star represents a family member in the Armed Services and a gold star indicates that a service member has been killed in action. We provide these Blue Star Service flags to our members.

                          Flags to welcome a soldier home!

Our veterans: We support our veterans by working with various veterans assistance organizations, and VA Hospitals from San Francisco to Sonoma, providing needed items from our collection drives and volunteers at specified times.  We also honor them by our involvement in memorials, parades and special events. Our group has enjoyed important support from our local veterans groups.